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Official Site of GED Online Classes and How You Can Benefit

The world is changing. The world is rapidly changing. No longer the pace of your grandpa and grandma’s education back in the day when they did not have a computer, WiFi, Ethernet, or even an old dial-up connection to do their homework on. No, they didn’t have Microsoft Word. They didn’t even have old floppy disks to save their precious work on. It was tough. They had to walk uphill both ways to and from snow. And they even had to do it in the snow while there was a blizzard outside! The school bus was always yellow. The one room school house might have been all they had. Maybe they took a horse and buggy to school like the Amish. Reading, writing, and arithmetic (‘rithmetic in the Iowa and the old south) was the name of the game, taught by one teacher. Those teachers often were the only adults in town who knew how to read and write and they needed a job after the war. Technology has evolved immensely since then. In previous decades you had to attend classes in a classroom in order to obtain your GED but thanks to GED online classesyou can take these classes right from home and work at your own pace. In addition, when you take the classes for your GED, you will be able to find a free GED practice test to help you pass the GED exam. Nowadays, there are more resources for high school aged students or other people looking to get equivalent education, like these over at the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (MIT). Another good thing about these online classes is that you will not have to feel embarrassed if you do not catch on to certain concepts as quickly as the other students and you are not subjected to cultural stereotypes that some teachers may have of certain students.

  1. Official Site of GED Online Classes and How You Can Benefit
  2. This Is Vital for College Admissions As The Years Go By
  3. What is A GED?
  4. All About Gaining an Accredited High School Diploma Online
  5. Choosing the Right Program
  6. How To Succeed in The GED Online Classes in 2014 and Beyond
  7. Career Options After GED Online Classes When You Are Not Attending College
  8. What Will Be Covered in The Courses
  9. Language Arts Preparation
  10. Reading Section of GED Prep Classes
  11. Science Info Taught in Preparation Classes
  12. Math Classes are Also Available
  13. Preparing in a Social Studies Class
  14. Some Don’t Even Need to Take Their Exam Online or Offline
  15. A Free High School Diploma Online is What You Need
  16. This is Why You Should Take GED Online Classes and Stay Out of The Classroom

This Is Vital for College Admissions As The Years Go By

If you plan to attend college, you need to have a high school diploma or GED in order to apply to different universities. Not all online GED programs are accredited and recognized by universities before you enroll in an online GED program, you should research it so that you can verify the legitimacy of this program. Getting it free online is not as hard as you think and some universities aren’t so picky as to where you got it, as long as you have it in your possession. Our article linked above covers everything you need to know. Can’t get accepted to a college? Check out our college acceptance tips and you should have no problems.

What is A GED?

The GED stands for General Equivalency Diploma, and it is test that teens and adults take if they did not receive a traditional high school diploma. This test consists of five parts which include language arts in writing, language arts in reading, social studies, science and mathematics. You should prepare for this test a few weeks before the exam and you can do this by printing out a free GED practice testYou must pass with a score of 450 in order to be successful on the test. If you score lower than the minimum of 450 on your first timing testing, you can definitely take it again. Studying is a great idea, however, as we’ll cover later down the page. Our resources and guides show you what you need to be prepared on test day. GED Online Classes can’t really compare the experiences you will get at one place or another, but you will get the best advice out there and know what you’re getting yourself into. Now that you know what a GED is, let’s show you what it’s all about…

Get your GED online with GED online classes


All About Gaining an Accredited High School Diploma Online

Here are some tips on obtaining an accredited high school diploma online. Do not believe an online high school when they say they are accredited because there is a chance that they are lying. You should always research the online high schools and you can do this by visiting the website of the U.S. Department of Education because this website has a listing of accredited online high schools. You do not want an accredited high school diploma online that comes from a fake diploma mill.

Choosing the Right Program

When it comes to choosing the right school for your online classes, the school should be accredited but there are other factors to consider. If the school claims to offer you the GED within weeks without very little practice or commitment, you should beware of the school. You should also examine the curriculum to make sure it is consistent with what will be covered on the test. You can contact the learning center where the test will be held and ask what to look for in the curriculum of online GED classes. By taking classes online you don’t have to sit through creation debates in regular high school classes or anything else. This MP3 shows what you’re missing, and it’s a good thing.
The Debate You’re Missing by Taking Online Classes to Get Your High School Diploma Done

How To Succeed in The GED Online Classes in 2014 and Beyond

We'll show you how to succeed online for your GED Online Classes today

This photo from Wikipedia is not your average GED Classes Online

If you want to succeed in the classes, you first should decide that you want to pass the GED exam because without the commitment, you will not do well in the classes. Another method is to read online tutorial blogs that give practice exercises in certain subjects that you struggle with. Print out a free GED practice test and look over it with your tutor so you can improve in your studies. Watch YouTube videos on GED lessons and take notes, and send e-mails to your instructors and classmates. Also participate in forums and figure out the best curriculum possible for your needs. Being active and outspoken can give you opinions from people who may see the world differently and have more life and academic experience than yourself.

Career Options After GED Online Classes When You Are Not Attending College

GED Online Classes Guides Resources

If you already completed your GED classes and you received your GED, it is possible to find a meaningful career without attending college. For example, if you enjoy styling others’ hair, you can work as a hairdresser. All you have to do is attend a licensed cosmetology program and obtain a license from your state. If you like to get criminals off the street, you can train to become a police officer. And if you prefer to work in an entry-level finance position, you can work as a bank teller. There are plenty of careers that you’ll be able to get into and it’s not worth getting stressed about as long as you manage your time correctly.

What Will Be Covered in The Courses

When you enroll in the online classes, you will receive lessons on the exact things that will be covered on the test. Taking classes to prepare is much easier than taking a class on the general subject. You should be taking specific classes geared towards official GED test prep and not classes on specific subjects that overload you with information and probably leave you more confused than when you started.

Language Arts Preparation

For the language arts writing section, you will learn concepts such as sentence structure, paragraph structure and creative writing. If you want to pass the language arts section you can do it by studying grammar and reading books about proper sentence structures. You no longer have to take an advanced English course or creative writing to learn the basics and become a well-spoken and have complete knowledge of proper grammar.

Reading Section of GED Prep Classes

For the reading section you will learn poetry, drama, fiction and prose. Looking up poetry at your local library, joining a poetry club, checking out books all about poetry, haikus, and other types of poems can be effective enough to pass this part of the test. Harder terms such as hexameter or spondee will most likely not be in your test.

For drama, you may want to join the theater troupe and get experience. While you gain the valuable experience you’ll be able to know how all parts of acting and drama work. You’ll learn and gain a deeper understanding, such as what an ellipsoidal spot is. This depth probably isn’t necessary, however.

Fiction is as simple as learning literary terms. Did you know that a denouement is sort of like the comedown after the climax? Those are terms that both films and books are structured on. Literature is a fun subject to study because the same literature rules that are in fiction books often apply in films. Remember in high school when a substitute teacher would come in because your current teacher was sick? What did they do? They often turned on some sort of video or movie. The classes on those days were always fun because you got to watch something. Don’t only watch old movies to learn your literature though, actually put in the time and study. There is nothing like a good ol’ fashioned book.

For prose, practice writing every day. That can be an effective way to learn how to be a writer. Teach yourself skills and practice in the mornings when you wake up. Prose is different than poetry because it is more ordinarily spoken and natural language. This can sometimes be easier to read for the common person. People often digest material better when it’s written in prose because that style of writing is more naturally flowing and their brain can process things subconsciously instead of having to manually and consciously think and try to process a bunch of tough terms. Prose is sort of like blank verse in poetry. That’s where a piece of literature is written in iambic pentameter and it flows with a rhythm, but not necessarily with rhyming.

All of the parts of the reading section can be taught by yourself. If you get stuck and need extra help you can easily just find a free class to take and learn it that way too.

Science Info Taught in Preparation Classes

The science section will cover biology and life science, earth and space sciences,  physical sciences of physics and chemistry. If science was not your strong suit during your primary years, then it may be tough for you to learn as an adult. We’ll break down this section and show you what’s involved so you can decide for yourself if it’s what you want to be a part of.

Biology is the study of life. If you take a second to look at yourself in the mirror and marvel at your body and how it is put together, that is a sort of biology. Living organisms are all around us and we can do things that are in normal high school biology classes on our own. It’s not always necessary to be in a classroom with 20 other students listening to lectures for a period during the school day. If you went to high school or decided that it wasn’t for you in the end, you may have had the good lessons once per semester where lecture was hands on and was held outside. That’s what you can do on your own time. Almost like applied life sciences, in a way.

Earth and space sciences are involved and intertwined with each other, but yet they’re different at the same exact time. Since earth is inside of the universe and space is all around it, they are directly correlated. Normal earth (geoscience) subjects are geophysics, oceanography, geochemistry, climatology, etc. Couple those subjects with things like spacial sciences and planetary science studies and you have a mix of both worlds. Some things that might be covered are how the gravity from the moon effects the lunar ocean tides or how the sun’s heat effects the weather and seasons, keeping the earth in balance. This might be worth reading books about as it’s tough to experience space when you’re not an astronaut at the international space station.

Taking a prep class on physical sciences is highly advised. Physics and chemistry are the two main parts of physical science. In the average high school chemistry class you’re required to know things like the periodic table and different types of ions like if they’re positive or are the opposite (anion). You won’t have to use a burette or any other lab work during the test, but knowing basic chemistry is a good idea.

The other part of physical sciences is physics. Physics is almost a root word for physical (English section above!). Physics can be related in the earth and space science sections as well. A falling body, for example  is something that falls towards something with higher gravitational pull. The physics laws like Pascal’s, Ohm’s, or Newton’s law of motion won’t be specifically quizzed on any of the GED testing. You can study this along with chemistry to learn both subjects much faster.

Preparation classes for sciences are great for people who aren’t self-learners and need to see things applied. No lab work will ever be involved and you’ll probably go over questions and subjects that are going to be directly on the test.

Math Classes are Also Available

The math classes will offer instructions on geometry, algebra, word problems and other concepts. Many high schools require you to graduate with credits in algebra II or higher. Students often complain that people never have to do math in real life. Or that they can just use calculators. Or that there are apps on their phones that they can download to learn math or even do the problems for themselves. That’s true, but you won’t be able to bring a cellphone into your proctored exam on the testing day. That’s considered cheating and dishonesty is always frowned upon in academics. These are part of how to get your GED and our article all about it will show you how much you need them if you want to receive it.

Geometry section will cover things like angles and triangles. How all of those angles relate to each other in shapes with perimeter, volume, and area. Simple things like the differences between a line and a ray are a good idea to learn. There might be questions asking the simple area of a square or a rectangle. You should also know the difference between acute and obtuse angles, and other basic things.

Algebra is different than geometry because it doesn’t really study shapes. It is the study of equations, letters, numbers, and formulas. If you think you will have to know polynomials and monoids, then you’re probably wrong. The test will be much simpler and will cover elementary algebra and addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication of numbers, with minor variable use.

Word problems will also be on your test and you will need to be able to read a paragraph of a made up situation and be able to write out the variables in an equation. After you do that, then you need to solve the equations. In regular schools you have to show your work on math tests, but on the GED exam you don’t have to show any work at all.

You can use a calculator on your GED test. It has to be an approved model and cannot be a computer or math application on a phone. Math is challenging if you don’t have the base learned. Taking a math class in order to prepare yourself is a great idea.

Preparing in a Social Studies Class

The social studies section on general education diploma tests consists of American history, government and economics. Humanities and specific subjects like political science, religion, history, law, and etc. are not covered and are the broad scope of social sciences is the main idea in this section.

American History will cover basic things like simple questions about the US constitution, civil rights movement, the great depression, and other significant events in our history. There could be questions about wars, such as the american civil war or WWII, or terrorist attacks on the USA, like the most significant attack on American soil that happened on September 11, 2001.

American government will have elements of American history in its coursework. The constitution, how Congress, the US Senate, President and its cabinet, could be on the test. Presidential history and formation will be extremely basic so don’t focus so much on that. But you should concentrate on simple things like how long can a president serve in that position for and for how many consecutive terms can they be in office.

Economics is another beast unlike other social science. This can involve complex politics and math. This subject has extreme depth and can also get into abstract opinion the more you search for it on the internet. It’s best to stick with extreme basics and that’s why you should take the social studies class. The basic gist of economics is how people build money and wealth and how it flows throughout society. Again, no need to get deep and nerdy into this subject. Just take a free online class about

Some Don’t Even Need to Take Their Exam Online or Offline

In 2013 there was an initiative called Operation Recognition Veteran Diploma Project where veterans from San Bernardino County received their high school diplomas retroactively. That’s in line with California education code. If you know a WWII or Vietnam war veteran maybe they are eligible for the program and can get their equivalency given to them in a nice ceremony like in this video.

A Free High School Diploma Online is What You Need

There are many things like getting your high school diploma online for free that can help you succeed in life. Never underestimate the importance of this fact. If you think you should do it other way or pay money for it then you are mistaken. Things don’t have to be so hard and cost money. Check out our page here for more information about how to get your high school diploma online for free. It’s not rocket science, but it’s not College 101 class either.

This is Why You Should Take GED Online Classes and Stay Out of The Classroom

To get your GED online you will have to be diligent and put in the time so you can succeed. Check out our article about exactly how to do that. But using our resources here you have no way of failing. Ged online classes give you the opportunity to prepare for the GED without leaving the home. For those who work full-time and do not have time to take classes in person, this is an excellent choice. When you search for an online diploma program you want to make sure it is accredited. You have to decide and look at resources to see if college is as important as you think it is. Society still puts high emphasis on getting a college degree and GED is just the first step. Check out this TED thread and get some info and opinions from top academics. Also searching sites like Quora and even Reddit sometimes can give you good answers. Your family might put high pressure on you to finish and that is okay. Some people in poorer districts and others that traditionally have low college admission and high college and high school dropout rates might think a degree is more important than someone who was raised in an environment where everyone has their degree. Regardless of where you come from or what your background is, you need to decide for yourself how much pull the idea has for you.