UTVS News Reports Changes For GED Classes at St. Cloud State

The student organization at St. Cloud State university reports that there were major changes to GED testing methods back in the end of 2013 and the full changes will come into effect sometime in 2014.

Emily Haeg (https://twitter.com/EmilyHaeg) has the full report.

Image courtesy of UTVS News St Cloud University Student Web

Image courtesy of UTVS News St Cloud University Student Web

Renee Pepper, A local GED instructor for public schools around the Granite City, explains that “the test is hard”.

The new GED test is coming in 2014. Maria, a local woman studying to complete her GED, is hoping she passes and will do her best to study hard and complete her GED.

Students have been coming in to St. Cloud Discovery School at Waite Park at higher rates. Renee pepper says “if you don’t pass all 5 tests within the year, you need to start over the next year”

Students are reported that they cannot use paper and pencil, they will need to take their test at a GED computer testing center.
Full Local GED Test Changes Video Here:

Maria has been learning a lot, and says that the material is very good. She says she studies a lot and teachers like Renee are very helpful. Of course she expects to pass, reports UTVS News.

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