Erie County Has New Virtual GED Test Site

Erie County Has a New Virtual GED Test Site.

Erie county is offering a new computer-based testing site. It’s a great deal because the GED classes are free. There is, however, a $120 charge to take the test.

The test comes in four parts and the virtual testing is aimed at adults who don’t yet have their equivalent of a high school diploma.

Make More Income if You have a GED

In the article on they say that “a high school dropout earns approximately ten thousand dollars less than someone with a high school diploma.” That’s a significant number! Would you want to earn less than someone else your same age that graduated high school? It’s always nice to have some incentive to get in gear and really get things going, especially if you’re an adult over 40 who can’t find a job or wants to make a career change to a higher level employment.

First Testing Sign Ups Available on April Fourth

GECAC GED Testing Center, New York

Credit: Your Erie Local News and Nexstar Broadcasting (

The first test will be available on April 4th, 2014 and you can sign up immediately by calling their number at 716-451-5611 and speaking to a GECAC representative. This will be especially useful for residents in and around the buffalo, NY area.

So if you’re in that area and you’d like to make it happen. Don’t hesitate to call and schedule yourself the free courses and eventually the brand new and improved testing.

From Your Erie: New GED Test Site

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