Huffington Post’s Gen Neeley Lost 111 Pounds – Has her GED

The Huffington Post has reported that Gen Neeley lost 111 pounds by doing proper diet and exercising over the course of a few years. It’s so inspiring to see someone like Gen. She was large since a kid and would always get made fun of as a kid. She started skipping class and not wanting to go to school or be around people.

She dropped out of high school at the tender young age of 16 because she couldn’t take the endless bickering and abuse from her peers.

Gen Neeley's Weightloss Before and After - Courtesy of Huffington Post

Gen Neeley’s Weightloss Before and After – Courtesy of Huffington Post

BUT! Here’s the kicker.  She ended up getting her GED instead and is fully employable and educated from that. She is such an inspiration to us all and her success story should be a model for us to both be healthy and also for getting our GED. Because if she can study for her test and pass it with everyone giving her a hard time, you can do it if you just put in a little effort.

Thank you Gen for being an inspiration for us all!
See the full story over at Huffington Post: Gen Neeley Gave Up Dieting In Favor Of A Lifestyle Change And Lost 111 Pounds

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